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Jorge Cánaves
Echeverría 1384          Buenos Aires - Argentina          4785-3982          libertador@jorgecanaves.com.ar
Since the early seventies, Jorge Canaves has been producing saddles, which are sold worldwide. Each saddle
is built on a handmade wooden tree and strengthened with springs, in order to achieve a flexible and
comfortable one. Being flexible is a peculiarity, that helps to distribute the rider´s weight evenly without
causing damage to the horse´s back.
The panels are also horsefriendly,since they are woolstuffed and adapt to the back of the horse. In case of
muscle development,each saddle can be restuffed to mantain the correct fitting.
The panel is also gusseted, which causes the weight bearing surface to expand and eliminates the pressure
points, thus promoting healthy riding and muscle development. The rider sits comfortably on a foam layer, ideal
even for long rides.
Jorge Canaves uses only full grain leather, which is both highly resistant and natural. The seat and knee pads
are covered with soft, smooth Vachette leather.